Leave Adjustments in MYOB PowerPay

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How do I adjust an employee's leave balance in MYOB PowerPay?

At times an employee's leave balance may need adjusting. This Support Note explains how to adjust an employees leave in MYOB PowerPay.

How do l adjust the leave balance for an employee?

A leave adjustment can only be performed while you are in a pay run. This can either be in your next pay run or you can create a one off pay run for just these leave adjustments. For further details, see the support note Adjustment Pay Runs.

  • After you have opened a pay run, go into the Edit Pay Run screen and double click the employee you want to adjust the leave balance for.
  • Click the Leave Details tab at the top of the screen
  • This window shows you the movement of leave for this pay run. If this is one of your normal pay runs you may find that there will be some leave accruing for this pay. This will need to remain but you can add extra leave item lines below this by clicking the Add Leave Item button. The extra leave items you add can be the same or different to those already showing.
  • Select the leave item that you want to adjust and enter the quantity by which you want to adjust the leave by. If you are reducing the leave balances then simply enter the quantity as a negative amount.
  • To check the new balance you can click the Leave Balances button and confirm that the Closing Balance will be correct following this pay run. The Closing Balance figure is what the balance is going to be for the employee after this pay run is finalised.


Example - Reducing Annual Leave by 5 days

  • Once you are in a pay run you will need to double click the employee you want to adjust from the Edit Pay Run screen, then select the Leave Details Tab.




  • Then click the Add Leave Item button to add the leave item you want to adjust.

  For example, AL-CLE




You can then enter the quantity (hours or days, depending on what you are calculating leave by) that you want to adjust the leave by then click Calculate. The below example will reduce Annual Leave by 5 days and still accrue 0.7692 days for the current pay run. The net effect on Annual Leave for this pay run will be -4.23 days (reduction of 4.23 days).

If you want to delete the adjustment you have made you can drag that line to the Trash Bin. Only the lines that have been manually added to this screen as leave adjustments can be deleted.


To check the Leave Balances are correct, click the Leave Balances button at the bottom left hand side of the Leave Details screen.

The following window will be displayed:




It is useful to double check that the end result of any adjustments done are having the desired affect.

  • The opening balance of 7.76 days is the Annual Leave balance for this employee before the current pay.
  • The accrued balance is what is accruing for the current pay period.
  • The taken balance of 5 days is the leave adjustment that was done. If the adjustment was a positive number (increasing leave) then it would be included in the Accrued balance.
  • The closing balance of 3.53 days, will be the balance of Annual Leave for this employee after this pay run has been finalised.

Disclaimer: This information is of a generic nature. For specific advice regarding your particular circumstances please seek assistance from your Accountant, the Australian Taxation Office or your IT Consultant as appropriate. 
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