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There are a number of articles available to assist in setting up your company, employees, processing pays and reporting.

The following list provides links to these articles.

Company configuration

Adding Protected Earnings Rules

Creating a Pay Item

Payroll Giving Setup

Adding screens to Favourites

Adding reference to direct credit files

Setting up and editing employees

Adding a new employee

Adding a pay group

Adding SLCIR and SLBOR

Adding attributes to an employee

Adding Kiwisaver deductions

Adding multiple bank accounts for an employee

Adding pay items to an employee pay details

Adding Child Support deductions

Applying leave loading for Australian employees

Adding a file to an employee

Grossing up Employer Kiwisaver contributions

Adding an Ordinary rate calculation to an NZ employee


Setting up casual holiday pay

Setting up Long Service Leave

Recording time for Apprentice hours worked

Adjusting an employee's leave balance

Setting up Time in Lieu

Pay Processing

Creating a pay

Adding a pay item to an open pay

Applying proportional costing

Paying leave to an employee

Reversing a completed pay

Changing Actual days worked in an employee current pay

Terminating an employee


Creating an IR345 file

Creating an IR348 file

Showing rates and hours on a payslip

Disclaimer: This information is of a generic nature. For specific advice regarding your particular circumstances, please contact your Accountant, the Australian Taxation Office, Inland Revenue Department, New Zealand at Work or your IT Consultant as appropriate.



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