Software versions not updated after upgrade

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What to do if version numbers have not updated correctly after upgrade.


When a new version of the software is released, the existing install can be upgraded to the new version. The upgrade will apply any legislative changes, enhancements and fixes that it contains to the existing install.

More user information is available online or as a Pdf through your software application

When an upgrade has been applied to the existing install, the version numbers reflect the new version that the install has become after the upgrade.

If, for any reason, the upgrade did not apply correctly to any of the modules in the existing install, the version numbers will reflect this by showing the previous version of the modules that were not upgraded correctly.




When this situation occurs, the upgrade should be run again to apply the new version. Options for rerunning the upgrade process are as follows:


Upgrade Software Online

Go to the Help menu then click on Upgrade Software Online. Follow the instructions to install the upgrade. If the process is unable to perform the upgrade then a manual upgrade will be necessary.


Manual Upgrade install

For instructions and a link to the appropriate install file for doing the upgrade manually please click on the links below:


If neither of the options corrects the version numbers, contact MYOB Exo Support for further assistance. Note: A Support Plan will be required.

Disclaimer: This information is of a generic nature. For specific advice regarding your particular circumstances, please contact your Accountant, the Inland Revenue Department, New Zealand at Work, Australian Tax Office or your IT Consultant as appropriate.

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