How do I run Network.exe?

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How do I run Network.exe?


This article explains how to run the network.exe file application.

Network.exe is an application that installs all of the files necessary for a local computer to run an install of MYOB Exo Employer Services software.  Network.exe will install the necessary files to run the software on that pc, installs the MYOB PDF Converter and creates a shortcut to the software on that pc.

Network.exe may need to be run if you have:

  • upgraded the software
  • are connecting further workstations to the software installed on a server
  • experiencing errors including OLE errors
  • having issues with the PDF Converter
  • network connection issues

Note: You will need to have Administrator Permissions on the PC or server that this application is being run on.  Also, if you are running this application on a Terminal Server, it is recommended that the Network Administrator run the application using Install Mode on the Terminal Server.

More user information is available online or as a Pdf through your software application

Running the network.exe file

Step 1. Locate the network.exe file then open it from Windows Explorer.

Note: The following steps deal with the network.exe file existing in the default location the software could be installed in, i.e. C:\Payrollv. If this is not the location of your Exo software install or you are unsure of the location, check the shortcut for the software location or, in the software itself, go to the Help menu then choose AboutIn the screen that appears check the Installed In for the location of the software install (see screenshot below).


1. Right click on Windows Start button then choose Explore.

2. Click into the local C drive then double click into the Payrollv folder.

3. Locate and double click on the network.exe file to run the Install Wizard (see screenshot below).


Step 2. Complete the Wizard process

1. At the first stage of the Wizard we advise to close any programs that are running. Click Next when ready to proceed.

2. Select the Destination folder where your MYOB EXO Employer Services software is installed (as determined in Step 1.).


You must select the location of your software install if it is not installed in the default location.  To do this you will need to Browse to the location where the software is installed.  Consult your Network Administrator or I.T. Technician if you are unsure how to do this.

3. Click Next on the following two screens to start the install.

4. Click Finish when the install is complete.

Note: The Install Wizard will create a shortcut on the PC, using the information in the Destination Folder to link to the MYOB Exo Employer Services software.  If the Destination Folder contained an incorrect location then the shortcut will be incorrect.

Disclaimer: This information is of a generic nature. For specific advice regarding your particular circumstances, please contact your Accountant, the Inland Revenue Department, New Zealand at Work, Australian Tax Office or your IT Consultant as appropriate.

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